Perron Rigot, inventor of the “Original” patented Cirépil Blue Non-Strip wax, continues to be a leader in the non-strip (hard) wax category.

Cirepil Hard Wax - Bead Wax, Bean Wax, Stripless wax, call it what you wish!

We have different types of wax beads that  apply smooth and thin, set up quickly and remain pliable for gentle easy removal. Perfect for delicate and sensitive areas (bikini wax, face wax and underarms), our remarkable hard wax can  be used on all areas of the body and face. 

Our easy 3 steps system allows our exceptional polymers the ability to attach to the hair not the skin, long lasting results that are less painful and with less redness!  Our "Blue Wax" is our most famous; you can trust we have the best wax beads for hair removal covering all your clients needs.