Cirepil by Perron Rigot -

Creator of the Original Patented Blue Wax 

High Quality Professional waxing products since 1936.

Our conviction: We make waxing a true beauty treatment.

The Cirepil protocol: 3 easy steps - prepare & protect, apply your wax of choice, and lastly sooth the skin.

Recognized as #1, Cirepil Waxes are diverse, easy to work with, outperform and incredibly economical.

Our gentle pre and post products, and our accessories complete the range.

Working with Cirepil means satisfied and loyal clients!



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Our range of professional waxing products include soft wax, hard wax, both scented & unscented, hydrating & natural waxes, and specialty hypoallergenic waxes for sensitive skin. They are diverse, great for men and women, and perfect for the growing demand of intimate bikini and Brazilian waxing services.

All purpose and sensitive areas:

The Cirepil Non Strip, Hard Wax Collection. 


Discover Cirepil Hard Waxes 


All large areas: 

The Cirepil Strip Wax, Soft Wax Collection. 


Discover Cirepil Soft Waxes 

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