Do you offer men's waxing?

If you have not yet added men’s waxing to your waxing menu, you are missing out on a large demographic AND losing potential income! 

Waxing for Men is a growing business!

There was a time when men felt awkward to receive spa services and metrosexuals were the only male clients booking salon services on a regular basis. Those days are long behind us. We have entered a new day!

The male demographic is quickly growing for salons and spas, especially when it comes to waxing services. Most men now realize the benefits of not only pampering themselves like with a massage, but maintenance like hair removal.  One of the most requested services that men seek is waxing. Some men want a full body waxing for sports or for the way it looks but men enjoy waxing for the same reasons as women, less stubble and smooth skin plus with waxing you can remain hair-free for weeks!

Waxing is not only offered at high-end salons like in the past, but many waxing studios and boutiques have popped up across the country making it more comfortable than ever for a man to hop in for a brow wax. Men are comfortable, the stigma has vanished, so how do you incorporate men’s waxing when most of your clients may still be women?


Ask for referrals!

It’s easy to grow your clientele by adding male waxing to your menu. Start where you are.

Talk to your clients and ask for referrals. Referrals are the best place to begin! Ask your current clients to send their friends, husbands, boyfriends and family to you. Eyebrow waxing and back waxing are the most requested waxing services for men, so definitely include them to your menu and start there-- then expand. As male waxing clients get more comfortable with the waxing process and enjoy the many benefits, offer an add-on service like a chest wax or a male Brazilian! Cha ching!! It is also a great idea to offer a men’s waxing package. Many times, clients are unsure what they need. For men, you could include waxing for the nose, ears and a back for the ‘Professional Male’ or the ‘Manzilian’ (male Brazilian) paired with a ‘Man-ly Manicure’.

Create a smart menu that meets the needs of the client, highlights the services you offer and one that is inviting and intriguing.  The clients will love it and will thank you for offering a service they now love and will book every 4-6 weeks. Then check your service totals. Success!

Choose the best Products!



First be prepared by stocking up on the right supplies. Of course, you will need a high-quality depilatory wax. Even better if it is designed for men. Cirépil by Peron Rigot Homme is specially formulated for male waxing. It’s an all-purpose hard wax in a bead form. It melts quickly and is very easy to use. It has a light marine scent-so clean!

Men love it! Men may not enjoy a floral scented wax and will be happy to not leave smelling like a bouquet of roses.

Homme is also great for any hair type or body area. For extra sensitive areas you could also have a hypoallergenic wax on hand, like Cirépil by Perron Rigot Cristalline.

For men who have dense or coarse hair be sure to clean the skin thoroughly before and after waxing with the Cirépil Purifying Blue Lotion and recommend exfoliation to avoid breakouts after waxing. Explain that the hair will become finer and more sparse over time. And less hair will grow back with continued waxing. The back is an area prone to break out a few days after waxing. A salicylic acid serum or wash will help greatly, but also over time the breakouts will occur less often due to damage to the hair follicle from the waxing process. 

With the right products and a little strategy you will gain success in growing your business with men’s waxing!

Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 17 November 2020.