"Great class!  It left me feeling confident in my waxing future".

- Hawaii


"Any questions I asked, she was able to answer.  This class was awesome".  -  Arizona


"The quality of the products was amazing, but, the amount of knowledge Cali had and the techniques made it evenbetter."  -  Florida


"I loved this class!  I learned so much!  the best part was watching each others different ways of waxing.  Cali stood right next to me in case I needed help.  She gave me some helpful ideas that made it so much easier.  I will go back for more classes."  -  Illinois


"The best part was the hands on and watching the Brazilian demo!  But it was so interesting to see the Cirépil art work and the videos!" 

-  Kentucky


"The hands-on waxing portion and practicing on the models was priceless!  I learned so much from Cali's waxing techniques."  - Florida


" I loved testing out different waxes.  I learned new techniques of waxing!  I feel much more comfortable offering waxing services now."

- Florida


"I came in feeling hesitant and not very confident about waxing.  The instructors were encouraging and sooo awesome.  Worth every penny!"  - Hawaii


"The class and the instructor were incredibly organized and informative.  The space was clean, spacious and brightly decorated fostering a sense of enthusiasm about the content being taught.  The hands-on portion was pre-planned and therefore organized to maximize our time.  The staff was kind and respectful.  Well worth the money!"  -Wisconsin


"I understand much more of how to use Cirépil.  It's so easy and works so well."  - Illinois


"The educator was very experienced and knowledgeable.  I learned more in this one Brazilian class than I did my whole year in school!"

-  Illinois


"The teacher was very informative, comprehensive and pleasant.  She explained all important areas of information needed to understand and execute Brazilian waxing".  Thank you!

- Indiana

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