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Perron Rigot has always set itself apart in the world of waxing as the leading expert for over 80 years. A French manufacturer founded in1936, we are known for the exceptional quality of our professional waxing products.

Guided by performance and innovation, Perron Rigot, your body wax manufacturer,  has patented over 20 depilatory waxes, created new wax segments such as the first low-temperature wax, the first hard wax and hard wax beads, bulk wax, and the first in hypoallergenic waxes - the best wax for sensitive skin.

Our success is based on our strong affinity to both estheticians and their clients always listening to their suggestions and needs. It is because of them, along with the strength and talents of our R&D team and our trainers, we are able to offer the best waxing products and develop the best professional waxing techniques. As a diverse brand clients benefit from hygienic waxing treatments that offer impeccable long-lasting results and a service so gentle, painful waxing is a thing of the past. As for estheticians, we not only help them to work faster and more efficiently, we help them attract new clients who were not satisfied by other hair removal methods, and keep those clients loyal coming back to them again and again.

Perron Rigot is not just a supplier but a committed partner of the professional esthetician, our goal being to develop the image of this beautiful profession in the customer’s eyes., but not least, in Europe we participate in setting AFNOR standards of quality for salons and spas.
Always listening to you, Perron Rigot represents a modern and dynamic image for the salon, in service of women’s and men’s beauty.

We are and always have been Cruelty Free Professional Waxing Products.


Why wax with us? Our Top 6 Reasons!


Less Product:

Up to 2 to 3 times less wax than other body wax brands and compared with traditional wax. One wax application is all it takes to achieve 100% effectiveness - using less wax results in a lower cost per service and higher return on investment.

Less Time:

Application: A little wax goes a long way - its fast! Save time waxing large areas of the body, and  service more clients! Removal: You’ll be amazed at the quick set-up of Cirépil hard wax. Apply and remove, it can't get any faster! And, our soft waxes yield superior speed waxing too! Completing the Service: No need to tweeze, there’s no hair left, no waxy residue, and no stickiness left behind, complete the wax treatment with an application of our After Wax Refreshing Gel! 


Only the finest wax ingredients are used in our formulations.
Hard wax, soft wax, sensitive & hypoallergenic waxes, moisturizing & natural, and scented & unscented, all perfectly Diverse and suitable for all body waxing treatments. Targeted solutions for each client's need, ensuring perfect results and customer satisfaction every time. To complete the line, accessories and our beautiful and effective line of pre and post wax care products are available.

3. EXCLUSIVENESS  - Marketing your Waxing Services

When your salon offers exclusive waxing services featuring Cirépil, and you follow our precise hair removal method you will develop a strong loyal clientele. Cirépil is the professional’s #1 choice in salons, spas, medi-centers and health facilities around the world. Add Cirépil to your salon menu today!


Waxing is one of the most profitable services in the personal care arena. Marketing your amazing long lasting results will strengthen client loyalty and recruit new clients The remarkable hair removal results and comfortable service of a Cirépil waxing treatment will keep clients coming back!



through our Perron Rigot Institute and our e-learning Modules, your will learn to wax professionally, 


Cirépil Waxing Products are and always have been Cruelty Free!



An exclusive application method:

At Cirépil by Perron Rigot, we believe: “It’s not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind. . . healthy skin!” Unlike traditional methods of waxing, Cirépil wax adheres to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50%! Cirépil wax encapsulates the hair, removing the hair from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness and downtime for the client; making painful waxing a thing of the past!

An exclusive application method that will make your clients waxing experience a “Happy” one!

   Clients love the remarkable results and their ultra smooth and soft skin.

  • Less Painful:   Cirépil adheres to the hair rather than the skin. Clients report virtually no pain! Our #1 comment received around the world!
  • Never Sticky:
  • Less Redness:  With its ingredients and gentle hair removal, Cirépil ensures less inflammation and redness.
  • Less Ingrown Hairs:   Cirépil waxes remove all hair from its root; avoiding ingrown hairs.
  • Low Temperature:   Results can last 2 – 4 weeks. Up to 4 – 6 with regular waxing!
  • Long Lasting:   Client results can last 2 – 4 weeks. Up to 4 – 6 with regular waxing. Not only do clients return, they recommend friends!


As a waxing professional, along with performing the depilatory service, you will offer an exclusive Cirépil pre and post-wax process. Your customer will love how smooth and soft their skin will feel after every wax. No longer just a service, waxing will be looked upon as a treatment!


As a Cirépil wax professional you will first prepare and cleanse the skin with Cirépil Purifying Blue Lotion, a low-alcohol cleanser especially recommended for delicate areas and sensitive skin. Next, apply a small amount of Cirépil Pre & Post Depilatory Oil to the skin to ensure the wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin.


Cirépil offers different varieties and textures of waxes with a targeted solution for each need. After consultation with your client, select the right Cirépil wax for your client to ensure perfect results.

One proper application is all that is needed for 100% effectiveness. Should you miss any hairs, Cirépil waxes can be re-applied on just-waxed areas immediately without discomfort or concern. Use discretion on hyper-sensitive areas and skins.


Following the waxing service, you will refresh your client’s skin with an application of Cirépil After Wax Refreshing Gel providing a gentle massage. Your client will enjoy the calming effect, leave “sticky” behind, and walk out the door with confidence!

WHAT Salons are saying?

United States of AmericaUNITED STATES OF AMERICA

“Just wanted to let you know I had a chance to work with the Cirépil Visage wax today. It is AWESOME!!!! Pulls baby, baby fine – peach fuzz hair as well as men’s coarse hair! It is smooth, creamy and sets up ultra fast. We may need this wax super-sized – it is that awesome!!!!”

From a Cirépil Lover!

“I use Cirépil because I am guaranteed excellent results and my clients love that they have long lasting results. The wax is easy to use, pulls all hair lengths efficiently, and leaves the skin unharmed. Its low temperature means there is no waiting for it to cool down so my services take less time. With the specific formulations, I can provide the best match for my client’s needs, making Cirépil an extension of my skin care services.”

Trisha M. Esthetician Salon Owner – San Francisco, California

“I love my Cirépil wax because it works!! The results are always consistent and it’s so easy to use. I’ve actually had new clients come in because they heard I have a wax service that doesn’t hurt!”

Maria S. Esthetician – Omaha, Nebraska

“I will never work with a different wax again! Cirépil is the best in the business. My sensitive clients are amazed to see their skin look great after a wax. This product proves to be less irritating and less painful for the client so it keeps my clients coming back more regularly!”

Lindsay W. Esthetician Salon Spa Owner – Manhattan, New York

“We chose Cirépil for our waxing services based on the quality of the product and the experiences of our staff. As a spa that caters on the high end of our market, we need a product that not only delivers on the service, but also helps us maintain a high profit margin, Cirépil does both. My staff has the confidence knowing the product will perform, and as an owner, I know both the Guest and Spa Operations are always satisfied.”

Larry K. Salon Spa Owner – Chicago, Illinois

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

“I love Perron Rigot products from the fantastic Jasmin Oil to the wonderful Refreshing Gel and the brilliant waxes that make removing every last hair a joy and less painful for my clients too. I have so many waxing clients who worry about the pain and then after their service they say how it was nowhere near as painful as previous experiences and they will never allow any other wax near them.”

Cheryl Sims

“I have eclectic clients who demand the best waxing results from me. I use Perron Rigot wax, and together with excellent training from Kim Lawless, I deliver a superior waxing service. The range of waxes allow me to accommodate clients with different needs and the hints and tips which I learned at Kim’s classes ensure that waxing becomes as pain free as possible. Super results from my new Perron Rigot wax . Less having to go over everything twice, less waste , less redness, less time. Happy therapist, happy clients.”

Angie Oakes – Norfolk


“Hi, Perron Rigot waxes are really the best. It dries very quickly, this is low temperature providing comfort to the clients, and incredibly less painful. Clients will leave with soft and beautiful skin.”



Not only is it effective on hair removal but it is also cost effective.

The wax sets so quickly!!

Amazed by how thin the wax can be applied and it still does the job. (Cristal Ocean)

The wax is so easy to remove

My customer said it was the least painful experience in brazilian waxing.

How to be listed on our Website Salon Locator?

Professionals will be featured on Perron Rigot, Inc.’s Website Salon Locator Link providing they meet the following criteria:

  • Must hold a professional license
  • Must have attended one of Cirépil by Perron Rigot’s advanced training courses
  • Salon has a professional website promoting Cirépil waxing services
  • Must personally hold or work at a location that carries Professional Liability Insurance
  • Must be working with the complete Perron Rigot Waxing System, including both strip and non-strip waxes, blue lotion and pre-depilatory oil
  • Should be using a temperature controlled melting pot in the treatment cabin
  • Salon can provide a copy of an invoice from a Perron Rigot Authorized Distributor showing purchase of product (Cirépil strip/non-strip wax, blue lotion/pre-depilatory oil)