Professional Tattoo Waxing Treatment Protocol

The First Professional Tattoo Waxing Treatment Protocol;

2 New Pre and Post Products to use in the treatment room and boost your retail!

A New Protocol in 3 Simple Steps:

Step #1.

Sublim EXFOLIATING & ILLUMINATING LOTION Formulated to purify and gently exfoliate the area before waxing tattooed skin.  Clients will love using it at home for tattoo after care, keeping tattoos from fading, and reviving the design and colors.

Enriched with Daisy and Red Seaweed Extracts for a more radiant skin. Floral and fruity scents of Pineapple, Mint &  Hawthorn

Step #2

Use our Dedicated Tattoo Wax.

Step #3

Sublim MOISTURIZING & REVIVING LOTION the final step after your tattoo waxing services, formulated to moisturize and redefine the skin. Perfect to retail for at home tattoo maintenance to brighten and revive “Tattoo” art! 

Enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Water Lily Flowers to deeply moisturize. 

Floral and fruity scent:  Peach, Blackcurrant & Jasmine.


Find it here for Moisturizing and Reviving Lotion. 

and here for Exfoliating and Illuminating Lotion.

$16.00 each

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Tattoo Wax Sublim: How to use?

Tattoo Waxing is the process of reviving a tattoo by exfoliation and hydration, a new service that can be added to your waxing menu.

Step 1

Apply a small amount of Sublim ‘Exfoliating & Illuminating Lotion’. This will cleanse and purify the skin plus gently exfoliate before waxing. It’s perfect to use at home 3 times per week for tattoo after care.

Step 2

Apply the ‘Tattoo Wax’, a Patented high-performance wax enriched with coconut oil. It is rosin free, cruelty free and a creamy texture with a beautiful shimmery gray color.

Step 3

Apply the Sublim ‘Moisturizing & Reviving Lotion’ to redefine the tattoo, hydrate and sooth the area. This product may also be used at home daily for tattoo after care to moisturize the skin.