Not a licensed beauty or skin care professional? 
Are you curious about waxing?
Are you a shaver who might be thinking about waxing?

We have the perfect at home waxing kit just for you!


Discover Happy Waxing: The First professional quality at home waxing kit from Perron Rigot Paris.

We used our 85 years of experience & our waxing expertise since 1936 to create this unique, easy to use Happy Waxing® Hard Wax Kit containing everything you need to wat at home.

happy waxing by perron rigot


A unique kit designed for easy waxing at home.


  • Contains every tool you need.
  • One all-purpose hard wax bead that you can use for all areas.
  • The only hard wax bead kit with a unique measuring cup & chart. Designed to let you know exactly how much wax you'll need to use!
  • Easy On/Off heater switch, no need to adjust the temperature. We made it easy, after 20 - 25 minutes your wax will be ready and at the right temperature.
  • Plus, we've created video tutorials to make your at home waxing experience easy and happy.

You’ll also be happy to know all our products are cruelty free and do not contain:

Parabens, SLS/SLES, Added Phthalates, Formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors, triclosan, triclocarban, petrolatum, talc, NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate, bha (butylated hydroxy anisole), bht (butylated hydroxytoluene), hydroquinone.


Discover Happy Waxing

Watch our presentation video! 

How to wax at home?

We made it easy.

Watch our video tutorials for step by step instructions on how to wax your underarms at home, how to wax your arms at home, how to wax your thighs at home, how to wax your knees at home, how to wax your toes at home, how to wax your bikini at home, how to wax your eyebrows at home, how to wax your lips and chin at home. 

how to wax at home

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Cirépil by Perron Rigot products are used in salons all over the United States and all over the World! We will always continue to support our professional partners and highly encourage you to book your complete & unique waxing treatments in a salon near you. Be sure to ask if they use Cirepil :).