Wax... and More! What waxing accessories do you need for professional waxing?

Waxing spatulas and equipments


Ok, so you have carefully chosen the best wax for your business but what else do you need to perform professional waxing effectively and efficiently?

Many times, estheticians spend a lot of time researching what wax is the best but overlook the other important elements needed to offer a complete waxing service. Yes, you can keep it simple with just wax plus your before and after products or you can have a complex set up with many before and after waxing options, a variety of strip and hard wax plus a hefty retail line for at home care.

There is a lot to consider. Once you have a website, social media accounts, a waxing menu that will drive business and your legalities lined up you need to set up your space.

Your tools, pre and post waxing products, and even the actual equipment to set up your waxing space needs to be thought out. 


Take a deep breath, it’s simple with these 3 categories.

1) Choose the right equipment and waxing supplies

The right equipment is crucial to offering waxing services. Setting up your unique space is important to keep you moving in a quick fluid way and that is the most comfortable for the client and yourself.


First, the bed or table. There are many options and brands on the market to set up your waxing area but the most important thing to consider is comfort for you and the client. Do you need to invest in an electric massage table that goes up and down with the tap of your foot or remote control? Although a luxury, no, you do not need the most expensive bed on the market. What you do need is an actual massage bed with an adjustable backrest. You will set up the bed for the clients comfort but also keeping yourself in mind. Working long hours can take a toll on the body, be sure the bed is adjusted to the correct height for your back, neck and shoulders. A facial chair is not ideal and not comfortable for waxing, if the client needs to lie on their back or side this will not be comfortable. Once you choose the best bed for your needs, you will need linens and table paper. For waxing services, a bed warmer is not ideal. Keep the client cool, they will warm up quickly!


Next, choose your wax heater. The Happy Heater is a low temperature heater ideal for Cirepil wax that is melted at a low temperature.




Finally, an efficient cart that is large enough for your wax heaters, gloves, disposables like 4x4’s and cotton, and your disinfectant. Bonus points if the cart has a drawer and wheels!

2) Use Good Tools

Your tools are essential to your trade. Opt for high end tweezers. I prefer needle-nose as opposed to slanted, but that is purely preference. Just be sure they will last and that the quality is high enough that you won’t break hairs when tweezing. When choosing sanitizing and disinfecting products, choose wisely making sure your tweezers won’t be susceptible to rust.


Spatulas-Body-BoxStixTowel  Non_Woven_Strips



Then you need applicators. Choose the correct applicator size for the service you are giving. You will need a large applicator for body areas and small size applicators for small areas like the upper lip or brows. Wooden disposable applicators are best. Cirepil applicators are medical grade, which means no more splinters or breaking when applying the wax!

Hard wax (non-strip wax) doesn’t use strips, the wax is applied and removed. If you are a strip wax lover, you will also need strips to remove your wax. Cirepil has two non-woven high quality options, smooth or textured.


Our Cirépil Products are:

  • Qualities
  • Medical grade quality
  • Biodegradable wood 
  • Sustainable Northern white birch with tensile strength
  • Splinter free edges
  • Made in USA

3) Use the Best Waxing Products

The products you use are equally as important as your wax. For any wax to perform at its highest ability, it should  be used according to the directions. How do you plan to cleanse the skin prior to waxing? What will you apply after? Do you use powder? (no btw, but if it’s 100 degrees on a summer day and you must, make it corn starch). Luckily, Cirepil comes in 3 Easy Steps.




First, cleanse with the Purifying Blue Lotion, then apply one drop of Pre Depilatory Oil, blot really well and wax. After waxing, apply the Post Refreshing Gel. It’s that easy, and you will only need wax plus the three products leaving much needed back bar space. It’s nice to offer a retail loofa for at home exfoliation, candles, or any luxury items that speak relaxation and pampering for your clients. 


Plan and go!!! 


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 10 March 2021.