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The Naked Truth of Esthetics Education.

Almost every state in the USA, requires an esthetics or cosmetology license to practice esthetics. Depending on which state you live in; your license might be aesthetics or esthetics. 

Either way, the school requirements to graduate vary vastly state to state. As few as 300 hours may be required in some states and others 750 or more. Most states require a written test before obtaining a license and many states also require a practical test, meaning hands-on. However, the written and practical tests are basic. Sure, you will have mastered sanitation, the layers of the skin, skin disorders, and maybe extractions. 

But have you learned how to wax a client? Have you performed a bikini wax? A Brazilian? Do you understand the different types of wax and clearly understand waxing contraindications? At the very least, did you see a demonstration of waxing being done on a client while in school? If yes, shout out to your esthetician or cosmetology school! But I would guess most of you would answer no.

Understanding the esthetic teacher license can help to understand why the lack of education is common in the US. Formerly, esthetics teachers needed practical experience to obtain their license. Currently, obtaining a teacher license is easy, you can obtain your esthetics license and your esthetics teacher license back-to-back. This means teachers may have never worked in the field doing clients and have missed out on practical experience. Making advanced education and training crucial. Not only post-graduation but for the lifetime of your career. You will not be ready to take a client the day you pass your test and receive your license. 

Classes and practice will secure your success. Especially in a specialized segment of the esthetics field. Working in a medical setting, a destination spa, a lash bar or a waxing studio are all different skill sets and all need advanced education. 

Waxing is one of the most lucrative services in the esthetic arena due to the low overhead and short service time. Waxing is also not taught in depth in school. There are hundreds of in person and online courses. How do you choose? Choose a hands-on or online waxing class that is taught by an experienced professional who has many years of experience. 


PRI-Logo-Logo-kPerron Rigot, the makers of Cirépil wax, now has a training center in the USA, the Perron Rigot Institute. This is a great place for hands-on learning. Expertise and high-quality wax make it easy to learn. They also have a waxing course that you can take online to make it even easier. Learning the right way to wax a client with the number one wax is ideal. No matter which area of esthetics you specialize in, adding waxing is a perfect way to fill gaps in your schedule or book your entire day with waxing services. Make money and help people feel and look good. Win-win. 


Educate yourself with advanced hands-on or online classes first, then fill your books!

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Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 16 February 2022.