Safety First!



Contraindication is something that, if present, makes the service inadvisable due to a possible negative outcome.

Sure, it’s easy to differentiate contraindications that are clear and obvious, while some contraindications aren’t as obvious. A thorough intake form (or client consultation form), verbal communication, looking and feeling the skin are required to determine that it is safe to wax a client. 




What are questions I should ask on my intake form?

  • Daily habits that affect the skin


You will want to understand how much water, alcohol and caffeine is consumed. These all affect the hydration of the skin.

How much do they exercise? Here is also a direct correlation to hydration but also skin condition. Let’s say your client is training for a marathon and running many miles per day and are scheduled for a Brazilian wax, the question will open up the conversation to ask more questions and even to look for chaffing on the skin, which you wouldn’t wax over.

  • Medication, orally or topically

Blood thinners, antibiotics and other medication can leave an adverse effect from waxing. It is very important that you ask, and the client tells you what medications are being taken. The client should always check with their Dr. to be sure it is safe to proceed with waxing.

  • Skin care products being used

This is a big one.

The ingredients in over the counter skin care products have evolved from basic ingredients to advanced ingredients that used to need a prescription for use. Clients may not know what they are using. First, ask if their skincare is a prescription. Prescription products may not be compatible with waxing. Next ask if their regimen is professional skincare quality or over the counter (like from the drug store). Professional products may have a higher percentage of active ingredients. Typically, products formulated for smoothing, lightening, brightening, clearing and more, are the ones that will contain ingredients that thin the skin making waxing inadvisable.


Once you understand what products are used, next you need to understand where the product is used. Does an acne medication used on the chin effect the eyebrow area? Yes. Does a smoothing cream used on the decollete effect the upper lip? Yes. Ingredients travel and may be trans epidermal. And Accutane? At least 1 year since the last dose and do a test strip. A small percentage of people may not be able to tolerate waxing after the use of Accutane, even years later.

  • General health

Any serious health issues could affect the skin. The skin is an organ and connected to the entire organ system. Cancer, diabetes, and other disease can affect the skin as well. Now, we will add covid_19 to the list due to documented cases of skin rashes and other skin conditions.

How should I proceed?

  • Quality wax

20170605---Blue-Doypack-400gFirst off, it is very important to use a high-quality wax. There are so many waxes on the market to choose from, your clients come first, choose wisely. Cirépil, the inventors of the Original Patented Blue wax beads-an all-purpose, high-quality wax and a good choice to feel confident in the safety of your clients. If the client is sensitive, opt for Cristalline, a hypoallergenic vegan wax.

  • Check the temperature

Check the temperature of the wax on your wrist AND your client’s wrist to be sure the temperature of the wax is comfortable. Cirepil waxes, both soft and hard waxes, are low temperature wax and very comfortable for the client. 

  • Do a test strip on the area to be waxed

Do a test strip on the area to be waxed. The skin should not be red or irritated. Cirepil waxes are very gentle. Every hair is removed, leaving behind only beautiful skin.

  • Prepare the skin before waxing Cirepil-PreDepilatory-Oil-1L-07-2018_-_HD

Using one drop of Cirépil’s Pre Depilatory Oil will create a barrier between the hair and the wax, protecting the skin and resulting in a very comfortable wax removal. The key is to only use a drop and then blot the area. It is a game changer! Toss the powder.

  • Follow your instinct

If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. Not every client will reveal all the products they use or maybe they forgot they applied a new serum.  Look at the skin, if you see the light sheen indicative of retinol use or anything out of the ordinary have the client discontinue all active products and come back in at a later date. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Clients will love your caution and professionalism.


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 17 December 2020.