New Wax, New Service, Explained.

Blog_article_postsTattoo’s often have tremendous meaning. Aside from the 3 am drunken *regretted* tattoo decision, most people put a great deal of thought and contemplation into such a permanent decision that literally changes their body’s appearance. 


Tattoos actually tell a story or have personal significance. From a minimalist moon to a colorful landscape, flowers, or honoring loved ones, tattoos a very personal statement. Matching tattoos, symbols, bees, pet paw prints and quotes are among the most popular tattoos currently. 


But the full sleeve of colorful impressionism is certainly hot as well.


Estheticians and cosmetologists see tattoos on clients all the time. What a great conversation starter! People love to talk about their tattoos and the meaning behind them, which creates a closer connection to your client, leading to stronger loyalty. This makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce a new service, tattoo waxing


As an esthetician, we look at the health of the skin. Tattoos may be art, but the art is still applied to the largest organ of the body, the skin. Taking care of the skin is important with tattoos adding another layer to that, maintaining the life of the tattoo is now skin care. 




The skin has a cellular turnover of 30-50 days, 30 days for younger people and the rate becomes slower as we age. Meaning, every month or so we have a new set of skin cells. A completely new set of skin. But dead skin cells need to be sloughed off to expose the fresh glowing skin. Some people moisturize when their skin seems dull and lifeless, but the moisturizer will have a tough job if the dead cells aren’t first exfoliated. When thinking of tattoos, over time the tattoo will look dull and lifeless, with an ashy appearance. To keep the artwork vibrant and long lasting will require two things, exfoliation and hydration. 



Cirépil by Perron Rigot are the first to create a patented Tattoo Wax that has been produced with tattoos in mind.20190710_-_Tattoo_Wax_-_Doypack_800g_-3

Through research, development and testing, the perfect combination of gentle exfoliation and hydration has been established.


Formulated with coconut oil that is not only hydrating but also leads to a more comfortable waxing treatment and makes the wax super easy to apply. The formula is unique due to its ability to be gentle and yet exfoliating, which is not true of other wax formulas. 

Many people have been shaving their tattoos to get a smooth exfoliated surface. We all know what happens next, irritation, discomfort and bumps. Which is why waxing tattoos has become popular, people love the benefits of waxing. Waxing tattoos is not new, but adding a tattoo wax service to your treatment menu is, so why not have the wax designed for this purpose. The shimmery grey color and light scent of the wax shows itself off in the coolest bag- a skull in which  you can actually see the hard wax beads through the eyes of the skull! 


The best part? This wax is great for any body area or hair type and is also a great wax for professional hair removal! 

The new technology and unique texture makes it a great choice for underarm wax, bikini wax or any area.

Plus, Cirépil’s Tattoo Wax is Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Rosin Free and Cruelty Free which is the frosting on the cake! 


Let your clients know how to keep their tattoos looking fresh and don’t forget waxing before a tattoo is a better alternative to shaving before a tattoo. 

It’s easy, simply wax over a completely healed tattoo once a month to revive tattoos! It’s a great add on service or stand alone service--your clients will thank you!


Cirépil Tattoo Wax in video


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 20 January 2021.