Does waxing need to be so painful? 5 Ways to Offer a More Comfortable Waxing Service



1- The Wax 

The wax you choose to use on your clients is a big decision.

Literally your most important tool to ensure a successful waxing business. Afterall, a happy client is a repeat client. If a client experiences pain, bruising or broken hair, they will likely not return and will probably spread the word. The type of wax you choose can create a negative or positive result. A low-quality wax can break the hair, causing ingrowns and making the waxing last a very short time plus it can be more painful by pulling the skin and hair. Choose a high-quality wax. Hypoallergenic waxes are great for sensitive skin and are less painful for the client



Cirépil by Perron Rigot’s Patented Cachemire and Cristalline are hypoallergenic, high-quality and cruelty free. Both are hard wax beads, flexible, and low temperature making either of these a great choice for a high-quality wax that is virtually painless. Hard wax is less painful which makes it a good choice for sensitive body areas or any area.

2- Master your skills

Master your waxing technique with education and practice.

A client who receives a waxing service from an esthetician who is unsure of what to do or not do, will surely feel the discomfort that brings about dread for their future appointments. This does not need to be the case. Apply the wax firmly to fully encapsulate every hair. A wax such as Cirépil, will ‘shrink wrap’ each hair so that every hair will be removed in one attempt. Remove the wax close and parallel to the body in a swift motion. Removing the wax in a slow or hesitant way does not feel good. Apply firm, but gentle pressure with your hand after the wax is removed. And tweezing may be necessary at times but keep it to a few hairs. Tweezing is not fun (for the client, lol) especially for an underarm or bikini.

3- Environment is important

Blog_article_posts_(2)Room temperature, music and privacy are the most important points clients mention when it comes to a positive waxing service.

Dim lights, a heated bed and spa music that could lull you to sleep in minutes may be a perfect setting for facial services but not for waxing. Turn off the heated bed especially for large body areas like back, Brazilian or legs. The waxing service creates anxiety for the client. The body temperature will rise, many times the client will be physically sweating. For the same reason, the room should be cool. Almost chilly, clients will thank you. The music. To perform the most comfortable waxing service, turn up the music and be sure it’s upbeat. If you want clients to return for years to come, you want their response to be, ‘wow, that was so fast, I didn’t even feel it’. Upbeat music makes the time pass faster. Slow sounds of rain will only shift the focus to the waxing, and the discomfort.  A quick pain free waxing is the goal, but comfort also comes from the environment you offer. A calming, reassuring and non-judgmental approach goes a long way. Bonus points for offering privacy, leave the room for the client to change. 


4- Prepare the skin

The best wax brand cannot perform to its highest potential if the skin is not prepped properly.


Applying wax to skin that is not prepped will result in a more painful wax, irritated skin and hair left behind. Toss the powder. We know talc is a carcinogen. Plus, breathing talc all day is not ideal for the lungs. But more importantly, oil is more effective for hair removal and for comfort. Cirépil Pre-Depilatory Oil is applied very sparingly creating a barrier between the wax and the skin. The wax lifts off effortlessly taking every hair with it but leaving the skin unaffected. Be sure to first cleanse the skin with Cirépil’s Purifying Blue Lotion to remove debris and sanitize the skin.


5- Frequency 

Waxing damages the hair follicle which results in the hair not growing back or growing back finer and more sparse. 

Once the client shaves, the process starts over. The hair grows in coarser and thicker after shaving. It will take approximately 3 consecutive waxing services spaced 4-6 weeks apart to enjoy the benefits of waxing. The first Brazilian wax, for example, is uncomfortable. But the second time around is significantly better. With each subsequent wax service, waxing becomes more comfortable and will begin to last longer. Encourage clients to continue waxing to avoid starting over with the waxing process. Waxing will become virtually pain free as long as there is no shaving in between waxing services. Pre booking your clients will help them to plan and stay on track.



Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 20 April 2021.