Pregame ‘5 reasons Why Preparing the Skin Prior to Waxing is Important’



Why is it important to prepare the skin before waxing? isn't faster to just apply the wax on and remove it?

Here are 5 reasons why preparing the skin before waxing is crucial for you and your client.






1- Cleaning the skin before waxing is very important.

Use a product that has a low alcohol content to help eliminate bacteria and remove any residual oil or residue from the skin.


The Purifying Blue Lotion by Perron Rigot is perfect for the job. Just a couple of sprays on a cotton round or esthetic wipe are all you need. Wipe the area to be waxed to create a clean slate. Not only will this prevent bacteria from entering the skin after the wax has been removed, but it will help prevent breakouts post waxing. 





2- To create a comfortable and almost pain free waxing treatment, use a pre wax oil.

The oil will create a barrier between the skin and the hair. The wax will then lift off effortlessly removing only the hair. Even pressing lightly on the skin around the wax that was applied to the skin will release the wax from the skin creating an anchor to remove the wax. No longer will you be flicking the wax trying to remove it, and you clients will thank you. 


Pre & Post Depilatory Oil by Perron Rigot has been voted the best oil to prep the skin prior to waxing. Just note that one drop is all that is needed and blot well to remove any extra oil. The skin should have a slight sheen not shiny. The result of using the oil is less pain, less redness and a very comfortable experience for the client.





3- The days of applying powder before waxing are long gone.

Talc is a known carcinogen. Nobody wants that. Even corn starch is dangerous to breathe in. Aside from the hazards of powder, oil will give you better results. Using oil before waxing not only protects the skin and makes the service virtually pain free but the oil acts as a magnet for the wax to grasp the hair not the skin.


Without the oil to prepare the skin, hair will be left behind after the waxing. Then you will need to apply more wax, this will cost product and time. For the most effective result and to save time, preparing the skin is vital for the best result-no hair left behind.



4- When waxing clients with dry skin, sometimes the wax will stick to the skin making for an uncomfortable experience.

Pre & Post Depilatory Oil is a perfect solution. When the oil is used to prepare the skin before waxing, dry skin is hydrated, and the wax will not stick to the skin.


Even after the waxing service the skin is left better than before making a Cirépil waxing service more of a beauty treatment leaving the skin beautiful and uncompromised. The oil can be used to prepare the skin when using either strip or stripless hard wax.





5- Skin lifting is greatly reduced. 

Of course, always perform a thorough consultation with the client to confirm that no contraindications are present. Then be sure to use a hypoallergenic wax made for sensitive skin for sensitive areas like the eyebrows, underarms and intimate waxing.


Hard wax beads are recommended for the face, not strip wax. By preparing the skin with a pre-depilatory oil, the barrier created between the skin and the wax will help prevent skin lifting as long as no contraindications are present. This is because the hair will be removed but the wax will not adhere tightly to the skin, only the hair. The wax will adhere to the hair, not the skin.


Video using Cirépil Blue Purifying Lotion and Cirepil Pre & Post Depilatory Oil.


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 15 December 2021.