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May 2023

Hard Wax vs. Strip Wax - When it comes to waxing which is better, hard wax beads or soft strip wax?


Should you wax clients with hard wax (aka hot wax) or soft wax (aka strip wax)? So many factors come into play. The body area, skin type, cost, and skillset.

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April 2023

Safeguard your business - liability insurance in the waxing industry.  

liability insurance for estheticians

You need liability insurance before starting your business otherwise...

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January 2023

Make More Money - Add On Services to your Salon. 

make more money with cirepil

Being booked solid while making the most money within...

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October 2022

Waxing VS Shaving.


Shaving every day because you like smooth hair free skin? Why waxing is better.

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August 2022

Which wax is the best wax?

which wax is the best wax?

With so many hard wax options, how do I know which hard wax beads to use on my client? Do I need to use a different wax for eyebrows than I use for legs? Which wax is best for....?

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June 2022

Build a Male Waxing Clientele.


Waxing was once thought to be something exclusive for woman. This is no longer the case. Men are receiving waxing services in record numbers...

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First Time Brazilian Wax made easy.


So, your client is a Brazilian waxing virgin and is ready to take the plunge! But they are feeling nervous. Understandable. Ask anyone to strip down to...

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March 2022.

Waxing Classes, in person and online. Learn how to wax a client.


The Naked Truth of Esthetics Education...

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January 2022.

Powder VS Oil, which is better?

Powder vs oil which is better?

How to prepare the client's skin before waxing? What is not a debate in preparing the skin before waxing. We all do that... 

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December 2021.

5 Reasons why preparing the skin prior to waxing is important. 

preparing the skin

Here are 5 reasons why preparing the skin before waxing is crucial for you and your client.

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October 2021.

7 Waxing Myths Demystified 

7 waxing myths

Read on to demystify the myths and facts when it comes to waxing!

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September 2021.

Ethically Chic: differences between vegan, organic and cruelty free products.


The ethically chic movement isn’t new, but it is growing especially within the professional salon and spa industry... 

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August 2021.

5 Waxing Tips from Top Wax Pros.


Different temperature wax for different body areas, service time, include Brazilian waxing, educate your clients, prepare the skin, ...

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July 2021.

When it comes to exfoliation, what is the best physical or chemical exfoliation?

exfoliation blog article

Exfoliation is an effective solution for many skin concerns like acne,...

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June 2021.

What's the difference between a Bikini Wax vs a Brazilian Wax?


But now you are still confused as to what is a bikini wax and what is a Brazilian wax. Clients are confused as well...

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3 Steps for a Foolproof Back Wax


Men's waxing has increased, the market is currently hotter than...

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May 2021.

Melanoma Matters


April showers may bring May flowers, but May is also #SkinCancerAwareness month. As estheticians...

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April 2021.

Does waxing need to be so painful? 5 Ways to Offer a More Comfortable Waxing Service. 


Let's discuss about 5 ways to offer a more comfortable waxing service.

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Why waxing? Comparison of different hair removal methods.


With so many hair removal options and some that are even permanent, do people still get waxed? What are the benefits of waxing vs other hair removal options? Can you still make money waxing?

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March 2021.

Wax... and More! What waxing accessories do you need for professional waxing?


Ok, so you have carefully chosen the best wax for your business but what else do you need to perform professional waxing effectively and efficiently?

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February 2021.

Too thin, too thick, or just right?


Ensure your Hard Wax is the correct consistency in these 3 simple steps..

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January 2021.

New Wax, New Service, Explained.


Tattoo's often have tremendous meaning. Aside from the 3 am drunken *regretted* tattoo decision, most people put a great deal of thought and contemplation into such a permanent decision that literally changes their body's appearance. Tattoos...

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What is Tattoo Wax?


As estheticians, you have likely spent hours watching YouTube and Instagram videos of waxing. Stirring, dripping and applying the wax is mesmerizing, educational and entertaining. You have probably seen at least one of the thousands of tattoo waxing videos. Literally thousands. Tattoo waxing isn’t new but...

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December 2020.

Safety First!


Contraindication is something that, if present, makes the service inadvisable due to a possible negative outcome...

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5 Benefits of Hard Wax.


Hard Wax, sometimes referred to as stripless wax, is depilatory wax that is removed without the use of strips. The wax literally dries and..

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November 2020.

5 Steps to Waxing Sensitive Skin.


Isn’t is true, the first thing your clients say before you apply the wax, ‘just to warn you, I have really sensitive skin’.? Ugh. Waxing sensitive skin doesn’t need to cause anxi.... 

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Do you offer men's Waxing?


If you have not yet added men's waxing to your waxing menu, you are missing out on a large demographic AND losing potent...

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