“My skin is highly sensitive to waxing treatments and Cirépil is the only waxing solution that not only prevents embarrassing redness/breakouts, but also provides smooth, long lasting results”

Diana C., Fort Lauderdale, FL


“I have had far less pain with the Cirépil waxing treatment and much longer-lasting results than other options I have tried in the past”

Richard A., Chicago, IL


“I always feared Hollywood’s and Brazilians, but my therapist uses a wax called Cirépil! It is amazing! She’s done in no time, it leaves no hairs behind and unlike other waxes, I’m not sticky for the day. Painful waxing is a thing of the past!”

Afoife, Lucan


“Since I have started using Perron Rigot wax in my local beauty salon here in Limerick, my ingrown hairs have disappeared. I will be very slow to use any other wax. Perron Rigot has worked wonders for me.”

Valerie Fitzgerald, Limerick


“I used to hate getting my legs waxed but now I look forward to booking it. After the hair removal my therapist now massages my legs with the Perron Rigot After Wax Refreshing Gel. It’s amazing! My legs are so soft leaving the salon and not an ingrown in sight! Smells fab too!”

Rachel, Palmerstown


“Having suffered for years with ingrown hairs on my bikini line, I switched to a specialized Rigot Waxing Clinic where this problem stopped at once. I also find the whole procedure far less painful”

Katharine, Shankil


“Didn’t feel any pain, are you sure the hair is coming out!?”



“The best Brazilian wax I ve ever had has been with Perron Rigot wax. Smooth, no ingrowns, pain free”

United Kingdom


“I have got quite sensitive skin but I’ve never had a problem with any of the Perron Rigot waxes. My regrowth is now slower than before and I just love how smooth and soft my skin feels after every wax!”

Catherine Rodgers, Nottinghamshire

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